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Saturday, August 21, 2004


Amy's out of town and I just couldn't pass up posting this .

There's a storm over Vegas tonight. I sat in the rain on
the bridge in the front yard and watched the lightning.
This storm, according to NEXRAD, is 43,000 feet tall! At
House Church this week I used a big storm as an object lesson
for the wonder of God. As I look up and realize the power
contained in this huge storm, I'm reminded that it's just
vapor -- tiny droplets of water somehow suspended in the air!
The Spirit is like a vapor. He envelopes all and is light
enough to hover in the tiniest spot, yet contains all the power
of the universe. The sky is completely overcast as the storm
sweeps through the desert valley, but as I look up I see a hole
in the cloud deck, maybe a quarter-mile wide and in the center
of it, a star. The light from this distant sun has reached me
through the clouds and through the storm. It traveled maybe a
million miles (?) to shine down on me through this tiny little
hole. For Vegas, this is a big storm, but really it's nothing.
Compared to Charley or Hugo or Andrew or Camille. Even T.S.
Bonnie last week was bigger than this single-cell storm that
has impressed me so much tonight. God is greater still.

Please pray for Beth (she's been given 1, maybe 2 months to live).
And for J&L, J&J, and for Amy and the kids while they travel. Pray
also that God allows each of us to see how pungent our sin is and
to see how big and mighty HE is!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Six Shades of Gray

I don't like the pressure of giving my post a title. So maybe in the end it will get one, and then again maybe it won't.

Here are some of the things going on in my/our lives right now:

1. I’m really sorry I missed “girl’s night out.” I was a bit under the weather. I’ll be there next time! I think we need to do another slumber party!! Maybe we could all save up and get a couple of hotel rooms. I really needed a break because…..

2. Dave is out of town until Friday night. That’s always a bummer, especially when I am so busy because…..

3. My brother and his family are moving in with us on August 22nd they will need help unloading on the 23rd. I won’t be here to help because……

4. I’m leaving with the kids August 17th for Ohio for 11 days. So I’m busy trying to get the house ready for a few more residents. Speaking of more…….

5. We found out that David’s 6-year-old cousin will probably be joining our family very soon. That’s right one more Carder (acutually he's a Nunamaker)! Like I’m not crazy enough already. David will be going to Ohio on September 15th to petition the court for custody. Please be praying that everything goes smoothly. We have to put a rush on things because…

6. We are moving out of the country in 5 months!!!

Friday, August 06, 2004

Why do I do it?

There are many times that people ask me why I homeschool. I must say that the reasons change all the time but the following is the reason I currently do it….

The other day friend A wanted Jessi to come to her house, so did friend B. Jessi wanted to spend time with both friends and suggested that both friends come to our house. But, it appeared that friend A didn’t want to share. This was very stressful to Jessi because she is a pleaser and didn’t want to hurt either friend. You are never going to guess what she did. She got off the phone (that’s a miracle in itself) and sat down beside me and Dave and said “Mom, Dad, I need your advise.” To me that was just an incredible moment! A pre-teen sat down and genuinely asked her parents for advise! She didn’t ask another friend or a teacher or anyone else, she asked her parents! This is a time in her life where her parents are not supposed to know anything and she let us in on a true struggle she was having. I will forever cherish that moment!

I’m sure next month my reasons will be different…

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

This Sunday

Sunday Family Sabbath

When: This Sunday, August 8th, from about 12:30pm until dark
Where: Mt. Charleston, in the “meadow”
Take the second exit for Mt Charleston and the meadow is on the right (near the top)
What to bring: Bring everything you would need for a picnic. Don’t forget the bug spray!

The meadow is just a large open area there are no tables, toilets, etc. There are toilets at the campground a couple minutes drive away.

Questions? Call Amy at 395.9125 or 498.1476

Check back here for udates incase of bad weather.