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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Thank you

As of today we are no longer the Carder 6 we are the Carder 7. Thanks to all of you who have prayed for William and our family. Today when David's mom talked to him he said, "I won't have to worry anymore about drugs and alcohol." He's only seven.

Thanks again.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Link to pictures

We took some pictures this weekend during a trip we took to south Iceland. Here is the link to Snapfish to view the pictures. They aren't all that great but our good camera broke and the new one hasn't arrived yet. I still think you will enjoy these. If this Snapfish thing works we will post more pictures there and give you the links.

We saw this little old man driving this cow in his car on a highway in south Iceland. This car is about the size of a Yugo! The man looked like he was about 80 and like he came straight out of a storybook with his wool jacket and hat. Posted by Hello

Thursday, June 02, 2005

5 things to say

1. William: It’s never over. We have a trial date set for next Thursday (June 9th, 10am). It looks like it is between foster care and us. Of course the judge would much rather send him here, but we have a slight logistical problem when it comes to visitation. If the judge decides to continue working with the mom then I don’t see us getting him. If she decides the mom is finished then we have a good chance of getting him. Please pray for William, he has told everyone he wants to come live with us and I know he is praying. If he gets sent to a foster home I’m afraid he will see it as more rejection only this time from God.

2. I have wanted to mention a movie that we saw a few weeks ago. It’s called, “Because of Winn Dixie”. Call the family in and pop some popcorn! Even better pull your house church together and watch this one. While you’re watching it you will be thinking over and over again, “this is how the Church should be”. Nuff said—watch it and let me know what you thought.

3. The other day I said to Jessi, “Hey, **** is pregnant.” Her response was, “With what?” An hour later I said, “Hey Andy, **** is pregnant.” He said, “With what?” Now I know Dave had the talk with them but what in the world did he tell them!! They both said they meant boy or girl? Whew, I thought we had a huge problem on our hands!

4. I have decided that Eve was actually 11 years, 11 months old when she ate the fruit. That way when she turned 12 she would have been guaranteed to know as much as her father!

5. Miss you all!