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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Well, the movers are here and the stress level is beginning to diminish. My biggest worry now is trying to fit all of our luggage into the back of our Excursion. It would be much easier if we were going some place warm; our clothes would be a third of the size they are for Iceland!

We have four more days in this beautiful state and I'm pretty sad. Eliza and I aren't as excited as the rest of the family. If you would like to say good-bye, some friends are having a party for us on Friday at 6:30pm. No need to rsvp just show up and bring a dish to share. The party is at our house.

We will leave Las Vegas on Sunday the 23rd and to go Albuquerque for three days so that David can attend a refresher school. After that we will drive to Little Rock to visit the Adcock family. We plan on visiting Washington DC for a few days and them head to Norfolk, VA where we put our truck on a barge and we will get on a plane and head to Iceland.

I'll try to keep the blog updated whle we're on the road.

Much love and thanks for the prayers.