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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Welcome Pap Miles

My dad is now a blogger. You can check out Pap Miles Ponders at Please give him a warm welcome; I'm sure he'll have many insightful things to say.

I just did a spell check....Blogger spell check didn't have the word 'blogger' in it. What's up with that?

Today is 30 degrees, cloudy, and super windy.

I've started baking bread. It's something I'd like to get good at. So...I'm off to make cinnamon-raisin bread.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Sign, sign, everywhere a sign............

Do you people really know how hard it is for me to have one kid in public school and two kids in a chapel youth group? I'm just having to smile and go to my happy place...

Last week Andy and Jessi went to the youth group here on base. It was the first meeting of the new year and a contest was given. The youth leader will pay $30 to the kid who brings the most visitors by the end of the month. They are pimpin' our kids out in the name of the Church! Not to happy about this one. Think about how the guest is going to feel when they realize a "bounty" was put on their heads. Then I think about the parent who is already bitter about the Church "only being out to get their money"..... We have had some really great conversations over this with our house church and our kids. Now we just need to pray about talking to the leadership about it. It really seems like the Chapel system is all about numbers. Numbers don't save souls and build relationships with Jesus.

Next subject....
Jessi was given 200 math problems in school today and had 30 minutes of class to do them and then was told to finish them for homework. Do you realize that at 1 minute per problem this is 3 and a half hours of math! These aren't simple problems either. This work was left for a substitute teacher to hand out. What the heck was this teacher thinking? I had her work for one hour on it and told her to forget about the rest. Come on...there is more to life than math. I mean really, she has some pimpin' for the Church to do.

And the sign said everybody welcome, come in, kneel down and pray
But when they passed around the plate at the end of it all,
I didn't have a penny to pay, so I got me a pen and a paper and I made up my own little sign
I said thank you Lord for thinking about me, I'm alive and doing fine