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Monday, May 16, 2005

Please Pray

Tuesday May 17th is the next custody hearing for Dave's cousin. Please pray for the best to happen for him. We really aren't sure what the outcome will be. I'll let you know. His name is William.

Missing Apex

I just want everyone to know how much we wished we could be at Apex last night (5/15). I'm sure it was a crying mess! We even talked about calling during the service but we didn't want to interrupt Rob rockin' the house. Did anyone do video or pictures?

It's hard knowing people we love are leaving and we aren't the one's having the good-bye party. I hope our community wishes you all well in a proper way. We miss you all.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Just a Snack

Eliza just got out of bed and said to me. "Mama, can I have a little snack like a drink of water or something the size of my bellybutton?"

Can you say no to a request like that?

Happy Mother's Day

Today for Mother's Day I decided we would go for a ride. The whole famn damily! I wanted to go see Iceland's south coast. It is beautiful!! But here are a few things I learned.
  • Just because the road is on the map marked with a highway sign doesn't mean it's more that one lane, paved, or smooth.
  • Don't pass out bottles of Coke while riding down an Icelandic "highway".
  • Don't stop on an Icelandic "highway" when a child opens said Coke and it starts exploding (that's how bumpy the road is) unless you have 4 wheel drive to get you the rest of the way up the hill!
  • Don't take 13 year old boys on these roads after they have eaten 6 sausage links, 5 pieces of bacon and 2 pieced of french toast!
  • Next time anyone who wants stay home will be allowed. Oh, they weren't fighting; in fact, they were getting along all to well. When this happens the volume in the car multiplies about 200 fold.
The joy is in the journey and we are making plenty of memories.

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Monday, May 02, 2005

Hafnir, Iceland

Here is a picture Dave took of a small (probably Lutheran) church in Hafnir, Iceland. Hafnir is a very small fishing village about 5 minutes from the base. It's a very cute little village with colorful houses and in the center is this little church surrounded by a cemetary. Dave is going to post another picture he took of it on his blog.

Hafnir, Iceland Posted by Hello